What made me want to become an Illustrator ?

What made me want to become an Illustrator ?

I’ve always loved expressing myself through art.

As a child - my most nurturing and connective moments were when my parent's would read picture books at night - using outrageous voices and acting out the characters! The illustrations caught my eye - I've always been very visual, with a hyper fixation on colourful things. The eggagerated, playful characters in my story books enriched my big imagination! 

My mom put a paintbrush in my hand at the age of 2 and I've been an artist ever since - I just never get bored of it!

I was especially drawn to those illustrated puzzle books that you can look at for hours and always have something new to discover visually - Where's Waldo and Usborne Puzzle World were some of my favourites and still inspire me today!

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